Casa Molina (House of Molina) is that kind of rare establishment which is authentic and the best of its kind. Casa Molina has extended every courtesy to our guests since we first opened in 1947.


Savor The Flavor

CHORIZO - Pork Sausage ground with chile and Mexican spices.
ARROZ - Rice, Mexican or Spanish style.
CARNE SECA - Dried selected beef brought back to its natural state by pounding and adding chile and spices.
CHILE CON QUESO - Green Chile with cheese,pan fried.
SOPA - Soup
FRIJOLES - Pinto Beans slowly simmerd and then refried.

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We attend this Casa Molina on Campbell Avenue at least once a month minimum and we have always enjoyed the food as well as the service. Many will write a review on a bad experience but seldom on a fine outcome. For us the outcome of the place for its Sunday Buffet is just great. We feel the price and the service but more importantly the food is fabulous. Not everyone is going to like Mexican Food just like many do not like other types of food. But if you enjoy Mexican Food this is a place well deserving a try and only you can determine your satisfaction. We are long time customers now and we plan to continue being long time customers who really enjoy the food on its Sunday Buffet. more testimonials

What’s new

Remodeling Grant Location
We are continuing to make our renovations for our restaurant at 4240 E. Grant Rd. Stay tuned for more information.
Our Campbell loaction launched the Google Maps virutal tour.
Our Grant loaction launched the Google Maps virutal tour.

Opening Hours

  • Daily: 11AM - 9PM
  • Call For Catering
  • 520-795-7593